Capture Ideas. Organise Thoughts. Write More.

Agile Author Canvas ™

Organise your next writing project with an agile writing canvas for business writers and professionals. Plan and write your book, essay or research paper. Write blog posts, client proposals or sales pages. Collaborate with writers and editors, set goals and monitor progress, capture your ideas wherever you are, organise your thoughts visually, drag and drop, clone, re-use, multiple outputs…

Currently in beta – get free access…

Capture Your Ideas

Completely flexible – work when and where you want – cloud-based, always available, you just need a browser…

Organise Your Thoughts

Think laterally, add ideas, move them, make connections, change the organisation, drag and drop cards, visualise your book, outline the chapters…

Write More

Beat procrastination – challenge yourself with No Zero Days – meet your targets – collaborate wth editors and co-authors…

Manage Yourself

Set a target for your writing – how many words, when you start, when you want to finish – monitor your progress against your goal…


Complete control over your collaborations – add information, full edit or view only – give one time access or always…

View Your Stats

Word count by chapter, by section, by book – get reports and see progress…


No software to download, no need to instal anything, works on any computer, get started straight away…

Distraction Free

Zoom out full screen, open an edit card and ignore everything, distraction free writing to reach your goals faster…


Use the kanban and  traffic light system to monitor progress per section, chapter or project, create note cards, work in sprints…

Multiple Outputs

View your book in interactive outline mode – download a .docx or .odt file – make a system backup…


Capture Ideas. Organise Thoughts. Write More.

You’ve got something important to say, something that will help people and make a difference in the world. You need to get that message out there. One of the best ways is with a book or ebook.


Outline your book idea using lanes and cards for chapter and section headings. Create order from chaos, organise your thoughts and ideas…


Concentrate on writing, distraction free, capture ideas as notes cards, go full screen…


Create multiple projects, re-use content, clone subject cards…


With the versioning system create unlimited snapshots of your work, go back in time, have the confidence to try new ideas…


Share your ideas with others for feedback. Allow co-authors to contribute. Get your work edited directly…


The lane and card system allows you to create ideas, move them around, re-order, drag and drop, organise your ideas…


Control the sharing process – view only, add cards, edit cards, you decide…


No software to instal, cloud-based, write when you have an idea…


1 project

100 Cards

10,000 words

Share (View only)


10 projects

2,000 Cards

Unlimited words

Complete Share (Edit)




30 projects

6,000 Cards

Unlimited words

Complete Share

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