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We help entrepreneurs, experts and professionals write better, faster and more. Try our agile author canvas™ for business writers and professionals. Plan, organise and write your book, ebook, essay, business speech, client proposal, sales page or research paper. Collaborate with writers and editors, set goals and monitor progress. Capture your ideas wherever you are, organise your thoughts visually, write more easily…

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Our Story

Whilst helping clients write their business books Debs Jenkins became frustrated that she couldn’t share more easily the ideas, capture their thoughts and get the writing process done more smoothly. She shared her frustration with Giorgio Carlà, who enjoys a challenge. Together they came up with the software to let you write in an agile way, working remotely, capturing thoughts, organising ideas and writing faster and better.

Their first product is the Agile Author Canvas™- you can sign up for a free account here. To find out more about the frustration that led to their first product take a read: How We Made (Up) The Agile Author Canvas for Entrepreneur Non-Fiction Writers


Agile Author Canvas
Debbie Jenkins

Debbie Jenkins

Writing Things

Debs does writing stuff and creates problems for Giorgio to fix. She’s got a degree in thinking up unusual problems (and Electronics). Over the last 25 years she’s run her own businesses, including a web design & marketing company and a publishing company. She’s written 12 of her own books and more than 20 books for other business owners. Each year she writes over a million words – some of them make sense! If you want to know more go and check out her boring personal website.

Giorgio Carlà

Giorgio Carlà

Lateral Thinking

Giorgio is the techie guy and main problem solver. He develops the software for all our products. He’s Italian, so don’t mess with him. He is great at lateral thinking and coming up with solutions to weird challenges. Like saving cats from the top of 8 meter poles.

Lisa Bot

Lisa Bot

Being Cute

All fun, tech companies need a company pet. Lisa is our company goat. Her mom is a unicorn goat, so we’re well set to become the next unicorn company. Lisa is also the name (and face) of our AI Bot. When you use our products you’ll be able to speak to her.

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