We’ve made a video demo of the Agile Author Canvas. We speeded it up, it gets boring watching other people work, but you get the idea, I hope (and my voice isn’t speeded up, I always sound like that!)

Functionality demonstrated in the video:

  • Add chapters (pitlanes).
  • Rename, edit, delete, move chapters.
  • Add cards – sections in a document – colours signify different styles in Word or Open Office (Headings, default text etc).
  • Change the colours (styles) of cards, order the cards, undo, redo, move, delete.
  • Change the status of a card – this is like a traffic light system – if you have completed a section of your chapter you can mark it green, and see your progress. The traffic lights on the cards effects the colour of the chapter – you can see your progress.
  • You can see the word count in each chapter, and for the whole project (book).
  • There is a project report – visually giving you an overview of progress – number of words, status of each section, status of the chapter.
  • The interactive preview lets you see how your book is shaping up, click on any item in the interactive preview and it takes you to the card so you can edit it.

In the next video I’ll show you how you can add images to the cards, edit the images, and see the output in your word processor.

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